Monday, March 24, 2014

Terrible musical number

Hey there! Well not too much is happening, just trying to get the hang of the new area still, but we have been finding some great people! We are especially trying to work with part-member families, because they just really need to be all member families so that they can get sealed in the temples. Yeah, that´s pretty important.

Something I have realized is that since I´m not that much of an emotional person I have a hard time knowing what to do when someone cries... Don't get me wrong if I know them I can totally help them out and give them comfort, but sometimes we will talk to some one on the street and out of no where they will start crying! What do you do then??! That happened TWICE just yesterday! They start crying and i just don´t really know how to react so I just freeze up a little! I feel bad because they´re crying and I just don´t know what to say or do! But the good thing is my companion is really good at it... Yesterday I told her that it kinda freaks me out a little bit when people start crying so she had me do practices with her when we got home... It was hilarious. But I am determined to better my skills on that! 

On Saturday the elders had a baptism so we went to support them. When we got there they were like, "Hermanas! Can you help us with a musical number??!" Haha thanks for letting us know in advance! So the elders decide that they were going to sing the first verse of When I am Baptized in Spanish and then since we´re both gringas we would sing the second verse in English and then we would all sing the second verse again in Spanish. Remember that this is like right before the baptism is starting so we didn´t even have time to practice before... I don´t even know how to describe how bad it went! It was so bad that the members were making fun of us after! The whole terrible musical number deal is really starting to become a bad tradition here in Chile!

Well, I just don´t really know what else to tell you about so... Yep! That´s about it! Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

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