Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey there! Well you might be wondering why I´m emailing so late and I´ll tell you why! Today we had.... leaders council? I think that´s what its called. Basically all the leaders get together and have a real big meeting. It was great! Learned a lot! THEN we all went paint balling! INCLUDING President and Hermana Arrington! It was seriously so much fun! WOO HOO!!!!

We have been working with some pretty awesome people lately! One of them is Cesar, he is like in his late twenties and he is about to have a kid so he told us that he really wants to make changes in his life and that he wants to get baptized! Yeah! His family is totally rockin, they have ten people living in that house and he has twenty three nieces and nephews and since its that grandparents house there are ALWAYS people there, so every time we go we just teach more people and they all are just super happy to have us in their home and most of them live close by in our area! They like crowd around us sometimes! It´s crazy! That house is a gold mine! They are all so ready for the gospel I can´t even believe it! It´s going to start with Cesar and explode! The only thing is that I think he is a little intimidated to go to church, so we´re trying to get him introduced to the bishop because bishop is rockin!

Actually let me just tell you how rockin he really is! Yesterday there was a less active member that showed up with a non-member at church yesterday, and the bishop knew them. Apparently she was an investigator before, so bishop talked to her and she said she had stopped smoking so he invited her to a baptism date! She accepted and he called us up and told us he had a baptism for us to do! Sweet! Her name is Mariela if I remember correctly but we totally have an appointment with her tomorrow! Isn´t that incredible??! So excited to get to know this girl!

We seriously just see more and more miracles every day and I love it so much! Don´t get me wrong, there have been A LOT of hard days, but that makes it so when a miracle happens it´s so much more noticeable. I really just love seeing all the ways the Lord blesses his children. Like General Conference for example! Who´s excited?! I sure am!!! YEAH!!!! Go modern day revelation!!!!

Well that´s all I can think of right now! Love you guys! 

Love, Hermana Woodbury

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