Monday, March 3, 2014


We had a zone activity today where we toured a sweet ship called the huasca! It used to be owned by Peru until Chile conquered it and then used it for battles. 

First off, I seriously can not believe that I have been in the mission for a year! That is so crazy! The other Hermanas sang happy birthday to me in English (which was super great considering they´re all Latinas) and we ate a ice cream cake type thingy. I have some pics but... Maybe next time I will send them!

Things are going pretty well, but remember that week when we had a million people at church? Well almost all of them dropped of the map because it´s the end of summer vacation and every one wants to take advantage of the last days. BUT Nicolas is still doing great! We are postponing his baptism to next week for some reasons but he´s totally excited to get baptized! The other day we were teaching him and he made a Harry Potter joke and I laughed about it for like a year! I don´t even remember what he said but I was just so happy to hear a Harry Potter reference!

There is this member named Mannuel in our ward who is preparing to go on a mission but has been a little indecisive, so we have been working a lot with him and we have him accompany us a lot. Lately we´ve been having him help us contact people, and at first he was super freaked out to do it, but this week we were walking down the street contacting and a lady slipped past us and our barricade. So Mannuel goes " CHUTA! We didn´t contact her! Hurry give me a pass along card!" And then he RUNS after her and contacts her. I was so shocked I couldn´t even laugh! I probably just stood there starring in shock! I´m pretty sure that lady was pretty shocked too! I sure would be if some random ran up to me like that! Another thing that happened this week with him is when we went to an investigator´s house. We all entered and were just greeting each other and then about thirty seconds after we enter we hear someone BANGING at the door. Me and Hermana Alvarez look at each other shocked, and Mannuel says, "Don´t worry it´s just Hermana Bollet." WHAT!???!! Mannuel purposely locked her out of the house and we had no idea! We were not very happy with him after that visit... Especially Hermana Bollet.

Well, that pretty much sums things up for now! Love you all!

Con cariño, Hermana Woodbury

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