Monday, June 16, 2014

Best Resturant ever!

Hey there! Well this week sure has been interesting! Since me and Hermana Call have the same amount of time in the mission we are both SUPER motivated to work way hard and just do our very best. It is super great we have been finding some pretty awesome people that we hope will progress. It has been a lot of fun because we both get along really well so even though the work is some times hard we have a lot of fun together. YEAH!
We had interviews with President Arrington this Friday and he pretty much told me to work the hardest I´ve ever worked. YEAH! YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL!!! We also received the special invitation to eat lunch with the Arringtons and the assistants after the interviews- Just me and my companion. We went to like the most American restaurant I have ever seen in Chile. It was super fancy! I felt like I need to stick my pinky up while I drank my water or something to try and be proper!  Anyways, I thought that was pretty neat. :)

Also on Friday, Chile played in the World Cup and they were afraid it could be dangerous for us to be out on the streets during and after that so we had to go inside SUPER early and didn´t get much working done. 

Well, can´t think of anything else out of the ordinary! So I guess that´s just about it! Love you guys! Read your scriptures!

Love, Hermana Woodbruy

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