Monday, June 30, 2014


Well! Not that I´m happy that Chile got kicked out of the world cup but... Hey I can have a normal work schedule again! Woo :D Every one was real sad after that game... Chuta.

This week was seriously insane! We did three mini cambios, had stake conference, had to stay in for the world cup, and leaders counsel (today). I have learned that there is never a normal week in the mission. But hey! That´s okay, I do always like to mix things up so no complaints here! We also found some great people this week that I really hope will progress! WOO!

Well, now that I´ve summed up my week, let me tell you a random fact about Chile! They use brooms for EVERYTHING! Mops don´t really exist here, they just tie a cloth to their broom and use it as a mop! Racks also don´t really exsist, the just sweep their leaves out of their grass! The other day I even saw a guy washing his car using a full on broom as the "sponge." Very impressive. Not only can you sweep up floors and cob webs with a broom, but you can do MANY other things! Just think, all of the equipment we buy when really all we need is a broom.

I really love that because in a way it kind of symbolizes how complicated we make our lives with all of the "things" we think we need. As the world keeps getting more and more complicated, the Gospel stays the same. Our Heavenly Father loves us and that will never change. :) I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

Well, Hope all is well! Love you!

Con amor, Hermana Woodbury

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