Monday, June 9, 2014

It's raining again!

YEAH!!!! I HAVE A COMPANION!!!! I never realized what a blessing that
really is until I went a week and a half without one! It´s a lot
easier to work in my sector now that I don´t have to make members be
my companion. Although it was pretty fun having a different companion
every day! It definitely switched things up!

This week has been very wet! we have been drenched by the rain about
every single day this week! We might as well go swimming in the pond
sized puddles everywhere! It´s always the best when a car flies
through a puddle and drenches us. Sometimes I wonder if some people do
that on purpose! Good thing I have a sweet trench coat!

So I have an awesome umbrella that you push a button and it opens
automatically. Neat-O. Well It got to the point where I was opening it
so much that now sometimes it will just open without me pressing the
button! So when it isn´t raining me and my companion have to walk
round with all of our rain gear because we know that it will soon
start to rain. So I walk around with my umbrella hanging from my coat
pocket and we will be walking down the street and all of the sudden my
umbrella will burst open! It´s happened a couple times while we are
contacting people... That always catches them by surprise! Anyways...
I guess it´s time to get a new umbrella...

Our mission has  been focusing a lot lately on talking to everyone you
see. It´s pretty great. I have really been able to see that when you
are being diligent and doing what the Lord asks he puts people in
your path. It´s cool to just help everyone feel the love of God in
their life even if all you do is talk to them once. I JUST LOVE IT!

Well Hope everything is going super great! Love you!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

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