Monday, June 23, 2014

World Cup


I actually have to start this email with a shout out to Callie- Thanks. Thanks for trapping me on the ground when I was little and spitting loogies on my face. I never thought I would thank you for that but I had an experience this week where that story really came in handy. It is the following:

There is a recent convert here in the ward who is really super great! The same one we built a house for! Any ways, life has really hit her hard. She has lived though a lot of trials her whole life. She has two sons that are like the ages of nine and thirteen and they are super great kids! But like any other siblings they fight A LOT. Every time we go over there the mom is just getting WAY mad at them for all the dumb little things they do, and never really notices the good about them. So, me and my companion made it our assignment to help her see that her kids are really actually great kids. So one day the opportunity presented itself and we were able to help her see all the good that her kids really do to help her. Right as we are doing that- we hear them start fighting with each other and she gets this angry/annoyed look on her face. I don´t know how this popped into my head- pure inspiration but I was like, "hey! That´s nothin! Wanna know what my sister did to me? She would pin me down on the ground and make loogies hang down above my face and suck them back up! I would scream and scream! And one time it actually landed on my face! Hermana, your kids really aren´t so bad!" She had the most shocked, appalled look on her face! It was hilarious! And then she was like, "Yeah... Maybe you´re right. I have pretty good kids." 

Well the world cup sure does shake up the work here! Every time Chile plays we have to go inside because no one will let us in anyway. The last game was on Wednesday from three to five and then after five we went out to work. It was pretty crazy because they had just won Spain and everyone was going crazy, honking their horn driving down the street and celebrating. Today there is one at twelve and we have to be out of the city before the game starts which is why we came so early to write- there aren´t many good Internet places in our area so we have to come to the city to write. We are going to have a zone activity at twelve during the game and make tacos and maybe play frisbee or soccer if it´s not raining. Woo hoo!

All of our investigators pretty much dumped us this week. One of them we called her to see when we could visit and she was like, "Um... I will just call you when I have time..." hmmm. Another sent us a text message saying that she doesn´t want us to come by anymore, and the rest were just flat out hiding and avoiding us! Well, back to square one!

Well, Hope everything is going great! Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Wordbury

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